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Trans+ Youth at the Florida
Capitol Day

Trans+ Youth at the Florida Capitol Day was a gathering of transgender, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming youth and their parents, guardians and/or chaperones from across Florida with the purpose of elevating transgender youth in civic leadership and engagement with policy decisions and policymakers that impact their safety, health, well-being and success. A first of its kind in Florida, this event made citizen advocacy accessible to trans+ youth to help them tell their stories directly to the legislators that make decisions about their lives and welfare, and allowed them to associate with other transgender youth interested in leadership and civic engagement across the state.

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Look at what the youth did!!!

1) Youth and Parent/Guardian met with allied Florida Legislators

2) Attended Civic Leadership Training: including 1) how to tell your story, 2) local leadership opportunities, 4) power building, and 5)how a bill becomes a law in Florida

3) Held their own Press Conference and Luncheon with Host Legislators House Representative Kristen Arrington and Florida Senator Gary Farmer

4) Attended Trans+ Youth Break Outs including Consciousness Raising and "Story of Self" Training and had their parents/allies/guardians attend a Advocacy and Support Training made specially for them!

5) Decorated and hosted trans+ a focused social event including a rally against HB 7 the anti-trans "Destruction of Education" Act (Governor DeSantis' so-called anti-W.O.K.E Act).


Trans+ Youth from across the state of Florida converged on the Florida Capitol and are speaking out on their experience of discrimination and oppression in daily life and in Florida schools.

Joined by Florida Senator Gary Farmer, Florida Representative Kristen Arrington and Florida Senator Victor Torres our youth demand:

1) Professional training for teachers, administration and staff on gender diverse people. 2) Gender neutral and safe bathrooms, lockerrooms, and public accommodations in schools 3) Curriculum and policies that are gender affirming and teach students about the reality and existence of gender diverse people and students.

Leading the way with Bravery and Courage 
the Florida Capitol

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