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One Student Speaks Out - VOTE NO on SB2012

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Florida State University student speaks out against anti-trans youth athlete bill being heard in Senate Education committee meeting in Florida's Capital City.

My name is Ash Soto. I use they/them pronouns. I am the College of Music Senator at Florida State University and I am speaking out in OPPOSITION of SB 2012.

The fact that this legislation is being heard in the Health Policy Committee on Transgender Day of Visibility is sickening. This bill purposely targets the lives of transgender women (and girls). We, transgender people, are all human, and this bill dehumanizes the lives of trans individuals as it makes doctors check what is "in our pants" in order to partake in athletics. This bill basically violates FERPA and HIPPA protocols.

Senators, have you spoken to your LGBTQ+ colleagues about this bill? Last time I checked, they emailed me back and told me that they are in opposition to this bill. So, I am assuming that you didn't talk to them. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to full transitition with insurance, yet that still isn't enough for you to remove this bill completely.

As a non-binary student, I have been targeted for several things, including being targeted about my own identity both in-person and on social media. With that being said, I'll end with this quote:

"If you don't have to constantly fight for your rights and/or your people, then considered yourselves priviledged."

I urge you to VOTE NO on this bill.

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