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Trans Girls are Girls - #NoOnSB2012

TALLAHASSEE, FL - In response to questions and debate in the Florida House on the anti-trans youth athlete bill (HB 1475).

Trans girls are girls. Period.

1) Whether or not they “look like girls” to you.

2) Whether or not they are on hormone blockers.

3) Whether or not they are on hormone replacement therapy - for a year, or any amount of time.

4) No matter what their genitalia and who did or did not strip search them to “verify it”.

5) No matter what their birth certificate says.

6) No matter who they do or do not sleep with.

7) No matter what their DNA.

8 ) Whether or not their parents approve.

9) Whether or not their church, school, government, friends, family or anyone at all believes and supports them.

10) No matter what government agency passes laws to deny they exist and/or excludes them simply for being who they are.

11) Whether or not they use the “girls” bathroom, wear “girls” clothes, play with “girls” toys or play “girls” sports.

Trans girls are girls. #Period.

The rest isn’t, and should never be, up for debate. #TransGirlsMatter


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