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Parent of a Trans Child Speaks Out - #ProtectMySon

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Anthony, DeMarco, father of a transgender child speaks out against the onslaught of legislation that his child is facing. Calls the denial of trans children's existence and the legilative initiatives against trans children a hypocracy.

Every year anti-trans policies targeting our children inundate proposed legislation. Trans children face constant barriers and are exposed to constant reminders that administrators dont support them. Let's be clear, their cohorts in school largely embrace them. As a proud parent of a trans child, I've witnessed the harm the simple introduction of these policies cause. My child faces constant barriers, he doesn't need more.

The word equality has no place in the name of this bill, because it denies equality and equal access. It would be amazing if instead of focusing on "protecting" others from trans children, our political leaders would introduce policy that supports these children whose simple desire is to just be. Asking my child their "biological" gender is absurd and offensive to him and myself. Respectfully to the bill sponsor, your testimony demonstrated your complete lack of understanding and knowledge regarding trans individuals.

Senator Stargell (author and sponsor of Florida's SB 2012 - the anti-trans youth athlete ban), in speaking on the bill, you misgendered trans girls multiple times, and the simple fact that I, a parent of a transgender child, has one minute to speak on a lifetime of experience demonstrates the rushed and poorly presented nature of this bill.

VOTE NO on SB 2012 and protect trans children.

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