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Florida Medicaid Trans
Medical Care Ban

Healthcare for transgender and gender non-conforming people should be individualized, holistic, and comprehensive - including, but not limited to surgical treatment. Transgender persons should be allowed to openly undergo gender transition and be eligible for equitable Medicaid benefits and rights afforded to cisgender Medicaid patients and recipients

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Fl Anti-Trans Medicaid Medical Care Ban Policy Brief JPEG Page 2.jpg

Take Action

Send an Email & Make a Comment

On Friday, June 17th the Florida Agency on Health Care Administration (ACHA) published a "Notice of Proposed Rule 59G - 1.050" which denies life-saving, science-based gender affirming care to over 9,000 transgender and/or gender non-conforming Medicaid recipients in Florida. This rule is a direct response to a DeSantis Administrative hateful plot to gain votes by killing and torturing transgender people and part of his overall effort to wipe transgender people from existence in Florida. Show him that his discriminatory tactics won't work.

Please take a moment today and send an email by clicking "send an email" below. We only have until July 8th to make a difference. The public hearing on the rule is set for July 8th and we need your support to make as much noise as possible.

Please take an additional moment to make a public comment on the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration's comment website by July 8th, 2022 then join us for the public hearing in Tallahasee on July 8th.

Contact Florida Coalition for Transgender Liberation by texting 850-345-0018 if you need support on getting to Tallahassee.
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