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Listen as Brave Trans+ Youth Speak Out at the FL Capitol

Trans+ Youth from across the state of Florida converged on the Florida Capitol and spoke out this past Tuesday, February 8th. Showing a commendable and moving amount of courage trans+ youth from age 8 to age 20 spoke truth to power about their experience of discrimination and oppression in daily life and in Florida schools.

Joined by Florida Senator Gary Farmer, Florida Representative Kristen Arrington, and Florida Senator Victor Torres the youth demanded:

1) Professional training for teachers, administration and staff on gender diverse people, inclusion and gender cultural competency.

2) Gender neutral and bathrooms, lockerrooms, and public accommodations in schools that are safe and accommodate all genders in a way that does not put them at threat, isolate them, or force them into changing clothes or going to the bathroom in the nurse's facility during a pandemic.

3) Curriculum and policies that are gender affirming and teach students about the reality and existence of gender diverse people and students.

4) A repeal of the trans+ youth athlete ban

5) An end to the attack on trans+ youth by the Florida Legislature and local policymakers

Learn more about what took place at the Trans+ Youth at the Capitol Day

We are an all volunteer trans+ led organization that runs on a shoe string and this event has been very costly. DONATE and SHARE our FUNDRAISER today! We had a lot more youth than expected and a whole wellness/rehab center brought their trans+ youth. Donations go through our fiscal sponsor the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy and are tax-deductible. With money left over we will plan and develop another Trans Youth at the Capitol Day event next year, summer camps for trans+ youth in Florida, and leadership/advocacy trainings for trans+ people and alllies.

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